Romare Bearden Inspired Collage

6th Grade students were introduced to the artwork of Romare Bearden and collage. Bearden used a variety of collage materials including photographs and early forms of photocopies. We investigated Bearden’s work and discussed his relationship to community and his passion for jazz.  Students were inspired by his subject matter and were asked to depict an event from their daily life or one of their favorite hobbies.

After developing their theme students worked in pairs to photograph one another in poses that would then be incorporated into their final work of art.


4 thoughts on “Romare Bearden Inspired Collage

    1. Thanks a bunch! I think they enjoyed it as well. I think working together to compose the image was more of a challenge than they expected. I loved the scanography lesson you do with your students… made me want to find room in the budget for a scanner!

      1. They’re not too expensive these days and if you have a local college or university they might be willing to donate an old one! You could always go old school and use a copier!

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