Expressive Line Tattoo

8th Grade students were introduced to the artwork of Argentinian tattoo artist Nazareno Tubaro.  He is known for his use of expressive and directional line and pattern.  Students discussed some of the characteristics of both expressive and directional lines and created some of their own. After tracing their own hand or arm, students then filled the space of their hand with expressive and directional lines.

Artwork of Nazareno Tubaro:

Student interpretations of Expressive and Directional line tattoos:


2 thoughts on “Expressive Line Tattoo

  1. Nice work here! Thanks for the kind comment on my Thomas Elementary Art blog recently. Your comment actually only came through once! I added a link to your page to the side bar of my blog.

    1. Glad it only came through once and thanks for the add! I have been following your Thomas Elementary blog for awhile now and love the work you produce with your students. I am at a new school this year and inherited a bunch of foam plates… I love the relief prints you have done with your students and plan to try something similar very soon!

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