Color Pre and Post Assessments

I’m finally getting around to posting this but I wanted to share some Pre and Post Assessments students completed after our most recent Color Unit.  Somewhere in the depths of the internet I came across this worksheet used by another teacher (If this is yours, Thanks! and sorry I couldnt find my original source!) and figured I would give Pre and Post unit assessments a shot!

As I have mentioned in other posts, the majority of my students have not had art over the past few school years, so I was curious to see what they knew before and after starting this unit.  While some students had quite a bit of previous color knowledge, a lot of students did not.  I was pretty pleased with the results of this trial and will definitely look to use this more in the future.

It was also very helpful for me to see what I had missed in certain classes and where I could improve instruction.  There were a couple classes where I clearly didnt address monochromatic or tints and shades as much as others, and consequently, many students in those classes struggled with that section.

Do any of you use this kind of pre/post assessment format? Are you asked to compile data for your school or district?  Let me know what you think!


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