Digital Distorted Portraits

I was lucky enough to receive access to a classroom set of iPads this school year and have been working with students over the past couple months on a few different assignments.

While I was mostly concerned with introducing students to iPad procedures and making sure they were able to submit their assignments correctly, they did end up creating some pretty nice portraits. For this first assignment, students were asked to create a Distorted Self Portrait using the App “BeFunky.” This is a free app that allows for some basic photo editing and distortion. I asked that students use multiple “edits” and “effects” to distort their portrait and we also talked about composition and cropping.  Our goal was to alter or change our portrait so the figure became less recognizable.

Luckily our school and uses Gmail and Google Drive services and most students are familiar with sharing documents via Google Drive.  From there I am able to collect and organize their assignments by homeroom.

Here are some of the results:


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