Multi-Color Relief Printmaking

First things first… WOW! Take a look at these stunning multi-color relief prints by 8th graders!

This was the FIRST time any of these students have heard of or worked with any kind of printmaking! What?!? Using foam plates, students worked to create these multi-layer prints of personal symbols.

Students first came up with a sketch for a personally symbolic image. It could have been their favorite food, a hobby, or special interest. After completing their sketches, they transferred their image onto a foam plate and ran a test print. After having their test print approved, students ran their first color layer in an addition of at least 5.

The next class, students began cutting their foam plates to create multiple colored layers.  This process continued for a few classes. While they were required to use at least 2 colors for their print, as you can see, many went above and beyond using 3, 4 and in one case 5 (!!!) separate layers!

P.S. I am super late posting these and am a bit embarrassed…  Sorry 8th Graders!


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