Digital Text Portraits

Continuing our Digital Art unit with iPads, 8th Grade students used the App “TypeDrawing” to create these awesome Text Portraits.  For this project, students were able to create a self portrait using text that represented them. While some students chose to be more literal, others decided to represent more intangible aspects of their lives.

Students used Self Portraits from an earlier assignment and manipulated them in the TypeDrawing app by drawing on top of the digital photo on the iPad.  They were asked to experiment with a variety of text sizes, fonts and colors and when they were finished they removed the photo opacity to leave only the text layer. Some of the results are truly stunning!  Way to go 8th Grade!

2 thoughts on “Digital Text Portraits

    1. Hi and thanks for the compliments! Students seemed to enjoy the process. As far as patterns go, it does allow you to place words into a pattern (green apple, green apple, etc) and if you choose a font that has shapes they can become a pattern, but it does not allow you to develop your own unique pattern… or at least I haven’t figured that out yet!

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