6th Grade Plaster Masks

6th Grade students ended the year creating these awesome plaster mask sculptures! Students were introduced to and shown examples of masks made from around world including those from West Africa, Japan and India. We discussed some of the reasons why someone might choose to wear and mask and some of the cultural significances.

Masks are often used for entertainment, protection, or religious ceremonies and students used these themes to develop their own ideas.  After completing some sketches and having mini-conferences with me, students used plaster gauze strips and a portrait form to create the base of their mask.  Some students chose to alter their mask into a unique form, while others kept the human shape.

After a few layers of gauze and allowing the plaster to dry, students were able to begin painting.  Because of time restraints, some classes were able to use acrylic and others tempera cakes.

Additionally, some students chose to add extra ornamentation by adding cardboard and yarn features.


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