About the Class (Acerca de la Clase)

Acerca de la Clase – En Español

What will your student need?

Not much! I only ask that your student brings a pencil to class each day.  They will be provided with all other materials, as well a folder to keep their work for the duration of the quarter.

What will students learn?

Students will learn a variety of art mediums and techniques.  Throughout the year, student projects will be broken into major units including: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and color.  In addition to creating art, students will also study art history, aesthetics and art criticism.

Extra Credit?

Typically, I do not offer too many Extra Credit opportunities but I have listed a couple options below. Students can talk with me in class about any of these opportunities.

A. Bring in documentation from an art event they attended in the community or from a visit to a museum.

B. Write a positive comment about another student’s artwork on this website.

C. Complete a word illustration for our classroom Word Wall.

Questions or comments?

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