All about Mr. R (Todo sobre el Sr. R)

Todo sobre el Sr. R – En Español

Thank you for visiting my classroom site!

I am very excited to be starting my second year at Northwest Middle School in Chicago Public Schools!  This will be my fifth year teaching 6th-8th grade art, with my first three years at Bloomington Junior High School, in Bloomington, IL, and the past a NWMS.

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2010 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education.  Before teaching at Northwest Middle and Bloomington Junior High, I also worked I in Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio with high school students as an Art Instructor focusing on public mural and community art projects.

In addition to teaching, I am passionate about soccer and have had experience coaching boys and girls at both the middle and high-school level.  While in Bloomington, IL I was the JV coach for the Bloomington High School boys, Assistant for the girls soccer teams, and also the head coach of an Illinois Fusion boys travel soccer team.

My wife and I are both artists. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Illinois State University with a focus in painting.  She has taught as an Adjunct Professor at several colleges in Illinois and also maintains a rigorous studio practice. While we both tend to focus primarily in a variety of painting and drawing media, I also enjoy sculpture and ceramics. We have two cats, named Charlie and Sophie, and we love to travel.

5 thoughts on “All about Mr. R (Todo sobre el Sr. R)

  1. Way to go Mr. R.! I have to tell you how proud I am to see the wonderful results of your ceramics lesson. I retired from Turpin in 2012, joined a clay studio and am there making art every day now. I know you’re an amazing art teacher because you were an amazing art student. I wish you all the best and will check in here to get ideas from you for my part time art teaching job!

    1. Great to hear from you Mrs. Slone and thanks for your kind words! I’m definitely enjoying teaching and believe it or not… still have my notes from your classes! I’ve looked back to them a couple times to jump-start ideas!

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