End of the Year Field Trips!

It’s hard to believe it but the end of the year is upon us!  I was lucky enough to be able to chaperone our 8th Grade and Honor Roll/Perfect Attendance students on field trips in the final weeks of school.  It was so great to having a couple days in the amazing city of Chicago to explore with Northwest students.

On the 8th Grade field trip we were able to visit the Hancock Tower, do the Tilt (we weren’t allowed to take photos while we were Tilting), ate at the infamous Ed Debevic’s for lunch and had a couple hours at the Art Institute of Chicago (and we could have been there for DAYS!). All of these were first experiences for many of our students and it was a pleasure to experience it with them.

For the Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance trips, we went to the Hancock and Tilt again, ate picnic lunches at North Avenue beach and visited the Loyola University Museum of Art (which happened to be next to the Hershey Chocolate store… yes!).

What a great way to end the year!  Enjoy summer!


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